Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Epic Interview Fail moments !

You know when you cant kill that mind voice during those get-me-outta-here interview situations, and you just don't know how long you'll have to endure it until there is a graceful end ! I knew i'd look back on these moments and hopefully feel like i've come a long way since then!
So here's some :

* To solve some of those dumbtard margin-profit problems, the interviewers give you a ton of information that you somehow pretend to make sense of, while thinking, "Dude! If i was able to get that much math, I'd be an investment banker like the wolf of wall street, looking down at someone like you condescendingly at a swanky movie-like business conference !"
* Its even more annoying when you somehow piece together a vague-somewhat-there solution to a problem they give and they say "Are you sure that's the best way to do it ?" You feel like getting back with "Hey, you googled both the question and the answer for the interview, so you obviously know the best way there is to it !"
* Oh, and when they say, "Would you like to mentor others and see yourself heading a division in a couple of years?" Like they expect someone to say, "No, i'd like to stay in my current position for the rest of my life !"
*When they do ask, "What's the best thing about working as a team ?,  I am very tempted to say "Dealing with other morons!" but i pull myself together and say "Diverse points of view !"

Keeping it civil is the name of the game you see!

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