Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Are women killing feminism ?

 Today being the 131st birthday of Alice Paul, noted American Feminist who campaigned against gender discrimination to vote (enlightened once again by the google doodle, how else would we ever know? seriously!), and today also being the day i saw several "Baby shower" posts on my Facebook newsfeed, i am in deep thought if the term means more than just social conversation over a glass of wine !
By no means do i want reserved spots in the education system or on the job scene for women, nor am i about to suggest that women should lead lives independent of men, be financially self reliant, show society that they can both have and raise kids by themselves. All i ask is, are we putting ourselves out there enough to make our contribution to express our innate talent ? Not every expression needs to be raking up the currency notes, but there could be artists, poets, designers, environmentalists, all trapped in the second-child's baby shower, withering away in daily petty arguments with neighbors and relatives. It could be a rewarding experience to raise children, i wouldn't know, but is that all there is to our abilities ? Would we suffer an identity crisis in our 40s when all that we know/opine/express ourselves about is which extra-curricular activity our kids should be learning ? Don't we want a confident spot next to our men in debates on rising intolerance or if gun control should be implemented ? And when not heeded for our viewpoints, would be then crawl our way back to the feminism debate and claim we are disregarded owing to our gender? I think the answer lies in taking time for ourselves and straightening out our priorities. Women need to set aside the "ME" time in spite of wailing kids or hollering bosses to figure out themselves! The right to be someone is precious. As is the right to vote and be regarded as equals in soceity. Isn't that why Alice Paul fought for a lifetime to get you the right to get inked at a polling booth ??!

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