Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sadhana Experiences

After some deep thinking, and procrastination, and wondering about privacy, i've now decided to blog my sadhana experiences. When i was struggling with questions on what really goes on when we pursue spiritual practices relentlessly, there were some blogs that lent answers and helped clarify a lot of dilemmas that i had.
So i've decided to help others in this pursuit and blog about what really goes on when one signs up for and pursues a spiritual process relentlessly. It's a much needed personal challenge for me too.

So here goes, i am going to start a 30 day challenge that starts with March 3rd and ends on April 1st, to do Shyambhavi Mahamudra everyday. I've allowed myself the flexibility to do the sadhana either times of the day. I did do the manahshivaratri sadhana, albeit for just 7 days but even that broke something in me. It's the commitment and will power that is tested and reaffirms itself and you end up feeling accomplished. So let's do this! 30 day challenge! Here i come!

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