Sunday, March 13, 2011

For the love of Numbers !

What goes around, definitely does come around especially in the case of numbers...! Off-late i 've had to go back to basics with maths, and it brought back spine-chilling childhood memories. Though these aptitude exams claim to test high-school arithmetic and algebra, they seem soo gruelling after we get all rusty with our mundane work lives! But this makes me wonder, why haven't we got more creative with framing problems, why have we always dealt with the exact same situation, like :

  • Why are people constantly driving towards or opposing each other ? Also, even if they are, why are they perpetually driving at different average speeds !!!!

  • Why are ladders slanted against walls ? (always ?, really? so they form right angles, could we please innovate with creating more right-angled situations)

  • Why are people buying oranges and apples in specific ratios?

  • Why is everyone thinking of relative speed when rowing upstream/downstream, just enjoy your damn boating expedition !

  • If i do organize a party at home, and god forbid with a circular table for seating, i would really let the guests sit where they want without thinking about how many ways i could seat them !!

  • Why is that multiple people are working on building a wall, painting, paving a road etc, and each one necessarily works at a different rate ?

Sigh !!

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