Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hydie !

In crazy times when i don’t know which city i have arrived from when am approaching the baggage belt and when out-of-office assistant messages just won’t keep my inbox from overflowing, i am still compelled to write about this 1.5 days which took about 3 months of planning to materialize and about a month to create a blog-post about ! Most memorable take-aways from those 36 hours have been about Airport Mishaps and the much-awaited 2-hour night out 

FROM my name being called out for boarding due to excessive chit-chatting and taking for granted the non-timeliness of non-Indigo airlines, TO re-juggling a whole bunch of baggage just 'cos ur not allowed to carry more than 50ml of shampoo! Boo-Hoo to airline hand-baggage rules, do they really expect you to pour exactly 10 drops of shampoo required for your trip ?? or do they really expect you to check-in just one bottle of shampoo and wait endlessly for it to crawl by at the baggage belt ?? Oh, and dare i forget the ATR we made a mockery out of, by declaring it didn’t even need a pilot for how small it was and how even the slightest of clouds would make us feel like an earthquake inside !

Having manipulated a lot of people to make our dates of travel to hydie co-incide, me and my friend were seriously looking forward to hanging-out at the most happening joints all for a good two hours... :) We had quizzed atleast a gazillion people who suggested a gazillion places and all this atleast 2 months prior to the trip. Though we did end up going to a decent place, we were too tired to make the most of night-out which was the sole reason of all this endless planning. Like they say, anything too well thought of never seems to work !! And so, even though I did zilch of the touristy things, it still turned out to be a lotta fun !

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